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Expedition Unknown Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Quest for King Arthur
2Genghis Khan's Tomb
3Blackbeard's Hidden Gold
4Hunting Vampires
5The Real Robin Hood
6Finding Fenn's Fortune
7Secrets of Christopher Columbus
8Columbus Unearthed
9Japan's Atlantis
10True Cross of Christ
11The Sultan's Heart
12Africa's Gold Hoard
13Kalahari Desert's Lost City
14Yamashita's Gold
15Searching for Shangri-La
16Shangri-La Found
17Lost Mexican City
18Incan King's Mummy
19Nazi Gold Train
20Hitler's Atomic Secrets
SpecialMost Dangerous Moments
SpecialExtra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 1
SpecialExtra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 2
SpecialLegends: The Real Lewis & Clark
SpecialWeird, Wild & Off the Rails
SpecialColumbus: Legend or Liar?
SpecialWhat to Know Before You Go
SpecialMost Extreme Adventures
SpecialGlobal Game Show
SpecialExtra Finds - Captain Morgan's Lost Gold
SpecialExtra Finds - Temple of Doom
SpecialExtra Finds - Secrets of the Nazca
SpecialExtra Finds - Mayan Apocalypse
SpecialExtra Finds - Amelia Earhart
SpecialExtra Finds - Samurai Sword of Power
SpecialExtra Finds - Code to Gold
SpecialExtra Finds - City of Gold
SpecialExtra Finds - Curse of the Golden Bell
SpecialA Day in the Life
SpecialSecrets of Shangri-La
SpecialInsider's Guide - Secret Safari
SpecialInsider's Guide - Cursed Gold
SpecialInsider's Guide - Forbidden Zone
SpecialInsider's Guide - Big in Japan
SpecialInsider's Guide - Columbus: Legend or Liar?