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Forged in Fire Season 6 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Long Road to Redemption Part 1
2Long Road to Redemption Part 2
3Washington's Colichemarde
4The O-katana
5The Hussar Saber
6Barbarian Sword
7The Javanese Kris
8General Yamashita's Gunto
9The Greek Kopis
10Branch Battle: Army
11Branch Battle: Air Force
12Branch Battle: Marines
13Branch Battle: Navy
14Branch Battle: Finals
15The Nagamaki
16Attila's Sword of Mars
17The Partizan
18The Messer Sword
19The Ram Dao
20The Foot Artillery Sword
21Astronaut Knife
22The Lochaber Axe
23The Cane Sword
24The Boar Sword
25The Falchion
26Napoleon's Saber
27The Bhuj
28Blackbeard's Cutlass
29Kung Fu Edition
30Genghis Khan's Sword