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Forged in Fire Season 8 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Veteran's Knife Special
2The Deadly Vajra-Mushti
3The Legendary Sword of Saladin
4M1905 Springfield Bayonet
5The Giant Sword of William Wallace
6Forged in Fire Christmas
7The Massive Maguro Bocho
8Teeth of the Tegha
9Headhunters Revenge
10Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz
11Machete of the Amazons
12San Mai Mystery
13Second Chance Tournament: Part 1
14Second Chance Tournament: Part 2
15Second Chance Tournament: Finals
16Memory Game
17WWE Edition
18Arctic Forge
19Civil War Battle
20Casino Challenge
21Deadly Duo
22Fire and Water
23Sledgehammer Showdown
24Medieval Mystery Sword
25Pick Your Poison
26Forge of Fear
27The Terrifying Tuareg Takoba
28Barrel Full of Mystery
29Armed Forces Tournament Part 1
30Armed Forces Tournament Part 2
31Armed Forces Tournament Finale
32Judges Takeover: Doug Marcaida
33Young Guns Challenge
34Judges Takeover: Ben Abbott
35The Dark Side
36Judges Takeover: J. Neilson
37Damascus 500
38Judges Takeover: Dave Baker
39The Firangi Sword
40200th Episode: Fan's Choice
41Beat the Unbeaten: Round One
42Beat the Unbeaten: Scrap Steel Challenge
43Beat the Unbeaten: Broken Blade Revenge
44Beat the Unbeaten: Back for Revenge
45Beat the Unbeaten: The Final Showdown
SpecialJudges' Home Forge Battle
SpecialChampionship Weapons of Bladesgiving