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Forged in Fire Season 9 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Crushed Car Challenge
3The Ninja's Sword
4Sheet Metal Challenge
5Blades Gone Wild
6Double Trouble Blades
7The Knife Fight
8The Gaucho's Revenge
9Sergeant Hayden's Sword
10Revolutionary War Forge
11Flip the Forge
12Out to Sea
13Gladiators of the Forge: Let the Battles Begin
14Gladiators of the Forge: The Battles Continue
15Gladiators of the Forge: Vikings vs. Gladiators
16Gladiators of the Forge: A Champion's Quest
17Gladiators of the Forge: The Final Battles
18Notorious Naga
19Fastest Blade in the West
20Best in Damascus
21Friend or Foe
22Supersized: Sword
23Supersized: Elephant Sword
24Supersized: 5 Ton Challenge
25Marvel's Midnight Suns
26Supersized: Hog Wild
SpecialChampionship Long Swords
SpecialChampionship Weapons of China
SpecialStrongest Championship Weapons
SpecialChampionship Weapons of Africa
SpecialChampionship Axes
SpecialChampionship Daggers and Knives
SpecialChampionship Curved Blades
SpecialChampionship Short Swords
SpecialChampionship Throwing Weapons
SpecialChampionship Supersized Weapons