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Formula 1 Season 2024 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Testing Bahrain (Day 1)
2Testing Bahrain (Day 2)
3Testing Bahrain (Day 3)
4Bahrain (Practice 1)
5Bahrain (Practice 2)
6Bahrain (Practice 3)
7Bahrain (Qualifying)
8Bahrain (Race)
9Saudi Arabia (Practice 1)
10Saudi Arabia (Practice 2)
11Saudi Arabia (Practice 3)
12Saudi Arabia (Qualifying)
13Saudi Arabia (Race)
14Australia (Practice 1)
15Australia (Practice 2)
16Australia (Practice 3)
17Australia (Qualifying)
18Australia (Race)
19Japan (Practice 1)
20Japan (Practice 2)
21Japan (Practice 3)
22Japan (Qualifying)
23Japan (Race)
24China (Practice 1)
25China (Sprint Shootout)
26China (Sprint)
27China (Qualifying)
28China (Race)
29Miami (Practice 1)
30Miami (Sprint Shootout)
31Miami (Sprint)
32Miami (Qualifying)
33Miami (Race)
34Emilia Romagna (Practice 1)
35Emilia Romagna (Practice 2)
36Emilia Romagna (Practice 3)
37Emilia Romagna (Qualifying)
38Emilia Romagna (Race)
39Monaco (Practice 1)
40Monaco (Practice 2)
41Monaco (Practice 3)
42Monaco (Qualifying)
43Monaco (Race)
44Canada (Practice 1)
45Canada (Practice 2)
46Canada (Practice 3)
47Canada (Qualifying)
48Canada (Race)
49Spain (Practice 1)
50Spain (Practice 2)
51Spain (Practice 3)
52Spain (Qualifying)
53Spain (Race)
54Austria (Practice 1)
55Austria (Sprint Shootout)
56Austria (Sprint)
57Austria (Qualifying)
58Austria (Race)
59Great Britain (Practice 1)
60Great Britain (Practice 2)
61Great Britain (Practice 3)
62Great Britain (Qualifying)
63Great Britain (Race)
64Hungary (Practice 1)
65Hungary (Practice 2)
66Hungary (Practice 3)
67Hungary (Qualifying)
68Hungary (Race)
69Belgium (Practice 1)
70Belgium (Practice 2)
71Belgium (Practice 3)
72Belgium (Qualifying)
73Belgium (Race)
74Netherlands (Practice 1)
75Netherlands (Practice 2)
76Netherlands (Practice 3)
77Netherlands (Qualifying)
78Netherlands (Race)
79Italy (Practice 1)
80Italy (Practice 2)
81Italy (Practice 3)
82Italy (Qualifying)
83Italy (Race)
84Azerbaijan (Practice 1)
85Azerbaijan (Practice 2)
86Azerbaijan (Practice 3)
87Azerbaijan (Qualifying)
88Azerbaijan (Race)
89Singapore (Practice 1)
90Singapore (Practice 2)
91Singapore (Practice 3)
92Singapore (Qualifying)
93Singapore (Race)
94United States (Practice 1)
95United States (Sprint Shootout)
96United States (Sprint)
97United States (Qualifying)
98United States (Race)
99Mexico (Practice 1)
100Mexico (Practice 2)
101Mexico (Practice 3)
102Mexico (Qualifying)
103Mexico (Race)
104Brazil (Practice 1)
105Brazil (Sprint Shootout)
106Brazil (Sprint)
107Brazil (Qualifying)
108Brazil (Race)
109Las Vegas (Practice 1)
110Las Vegas (Practice 2)
111Las Vegas (Practice 3)
112Las Vegas (Qualifying)
113Las Vegas (Race)
114Qatar (Practice 1)
115Qatar (Sprint Shootout)
116Qatar (Sprint)
117Qatar (Qualifying)
118Qatar (Race)
119Abu Dhabi (Practice 1)
120Abu Dhabi (Practice 2)
121Abu Dhabi (Practice 3)
122Abu Dhabi (Qualifying)
123Abu Dhabi (Race)