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Four Knights of the Apocalypse Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Boy's Departure
2Unknown Powers
3The Four Knights of the Apocalypse
4The Demon of Echo Gorge
5A Resolve Further Honed
6Sistana Shaken
7The Name of the Magic
8Young Heroes
9Master and Pupil
10Roar of Destruction
11A Real Holy Knight
12A Sinister Endeavor
13The Cornered
14Goat Singh
15Dark Talisman
16Departing from Sin
17The King of Liones
18Knights of Prophecy Meet
19Liones in Flames
20Taming a Wild Horse
21The Four Knights vs. the Servants of Chaos
22Freezing, Burning Hearts
23Royal Holy Knights vs. Mela-Galland