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Friday Night Lights

Eric Taylor, a first-time high school football coach, finds himself helming a stellar team that has a real chance to make it to the top. The stakes are high, the reward is sweet, and the pressure is immense. Can Eric take his boys all the way while keeping their morale - and morality - intact?

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4.65/5 (17 ratings)

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as Eric Taylor
as Tami Taylor
as Julie Taylor
as Tim Riggins
as Matt Saracen
as Landry Clarke
as Lyla Garrity
as Tyra Collette
as Brian "Smash" Williams


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marco1475 said:
But I guess the American spirit had to be appeased and because it was a show about sports (not really, but for the purposes of this argument it was) the Lions had to win ...

That's the thing, the movie had it like that, (not a blow out score though) they lost.
I am glad they won though as it would have been so unfair on Coach and the Lions, they did deserve it. But if they would have had another season, I would have liked a FNL movie ending for this season, then they go all the way unbeaten in the final season. It was perfect for the time they had left though.
by posted
I agree, it was the perfect end to a perfect show. It was sometimes uneven, but all the time the writing was head and shoulders above anything else on TV. Especially Coach and Tammy's marriage - holy crap.

As for the last throw ... I love the cut to 8 months later and not specifically mentioning what happened (you just have to pay attention), but I do wish they would have lost. Comparing the two finales where they were at State (season 1 and now) I disliked that both times it came down to the last touchdown a few seconds before the end. Doing it once (season 1) is fine, but it felt too much like a repeat.

Also since they kind of ignored the game - showing just the touchdowns with muted sounds and overlaid music - I thought they would go for a very ballsy "Lions get shelacked at State, losing 7 to 48" or something like that. That would have been the perfect ending. Everybody would still end up where they did, but it would enforce the message the show tried to push all through its run that you don't always win, but you always have to find a way to go on. But I guess the American spirit had to be appeased and because it was a show about sports (not really, but for the purposes of this argument it was) the Lions had to win ...
by posted
There was some lose ends what happened to Lyla? Anyways a good show a bit to much drama sometimes for irrelevant things but I don't think it should have continued.
by posted
It was perfect, but I only felt sad throughout the entire episode, I can't believe it has ended(okay, I can. Denial again)
by posted
EDIT: Search Demonoid.

The perfect end... Simple as that, no loose ends, they've thought it all through.

I definitely think this is one of the best TV series, and will be for a long time; a hidden gem.

I also hope they don't bring it back, it would just ruin the perfection.

Loved the end with the "Clear eyes, full hearts...?", they all look at him blankly.

I did have a slight feeling they may follow the film, and have them not win State; the catch is made, but the receiver is hit just before he crosses the line. I'd stopped breathing during the flight of the ball!
Then the great way they just cut to 8 months later, nothing is mentioned about it, just the hints of the rings and the signs...
by posted
Thanx! Much appreciated :D
by posted
I got it via hotfile... 700 MB

I'll create a torrent, and seed...