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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1February 15, 2017
2March 8, 2017
3March 15, 2017
4March 22, 2017
5March 29, 2017
6April 5, 2017
7NOT The Correspondents' Dinner
8May 10, 2017
9May 31, 2017
10June 7, 2017
11June 14, 2017
12June 21, 2017
13June 28, 2017
14July 19, 2017
15July 26, 2017
16August 2, 2017
17August 9, 2017
18September 13, 2017
19September 20, 2017
20September 27, 2017
21October 4, 2017
22October 11, 2017
23October 25, 2017
24November 1, 2017
25November 8, 2017
26November 15, 2017
27December 6, 2017
28December 13, 2017
29December 20, 2017
30January 10, 2018
31January 17, 2018
32January 24, 2018
33January 31, 2018
SpecialWeb Extra: We Just Have To Get It Right Next Time
SpecialWeb Extra: These Civil Rights Leaders Are #Brave​
SpecialShut Your Damn Mouth with Ashley and Travon
SpecialAshley’s Totally Basic FOIA Tutorial
SpecialUnboxing the AHCA
SpecialAll The President's Leaks (with Andy Richter)
SpecialAHCA: Winners & Die-ers
SpecialIvanka Trump’s Book Is Dangerous
SpecialWeb Extra: A Brief History Of Florida's Felon Voting Ban
SpecialWeb Extra: Dick Cavett Has Some Notes
SpecialWeb Extra: The Ballad Of The Kitty Litter Meth Case
SpecialA Very Comey Watch Party
SpecialSessions ‘n Cotton’s Movie Talk
SpecialWeb Extra: Words Still Have No Meaning
SpecialWeb Extra: Bee & Corddry’s Mutual Appreciation Society
SpecialThank You, Nasty Women!
SpecialSam Meets An Iraqi Bernie Bro
SpecialTimes Square Stephen Miller Impersonator
SpecialSam’s Racist Tattoo Removal Business Is Booming
SpecialFred and Carrie’s White Supremacist Warning Signs
SpecialBetter Democratic Slogans
SpecialThe Many Sides Of One Progressive Democrat
SpecialWeb Extra: Neil Gorsuch Is Off To A Great Star
SpecialWeb Extra: The Federalist Society Party Line
SpecialWeb Extra: The Federalist Society's VP Of String-Pulling
SpecialWeb Extra: Wife Carrying: Finland’s Weirdest Sport
SpecialWeb Extra: The Cure to Fake News
SpecialWeb Extra: Finnish Kids Got Education
SpecialWelcome to the Club, Sarah Silverman!
SpecialFull Frontal Meditations: The Environment
SpecialWeb Extra: The John Hodgman Challenge
SpecialIt’s Coming From Inside The White House, Part 1
SpecialIt’s Coming From Inside The White House, Part 2
SpecialIt’s Coming From Inside The White House, Part 3
SpecialIt’s Coming From Inside The White House, Part 4
SpecialThis Brilliant Hack Could Bring Down The Administration
SpecialSomeday We’ll Do More Than Pray
SpecialWeb Extra: Never Discuss Anything With Eric Schneiderman
SpecialHappy Thanksgiving, YouTube!
SpecialRepeal of the Estate Tax
SpecialRepealing the Alternative Minimum Tax
SpecialLowering the Tax Rate for Pass Throughs
SpecialFull Frontal's Undercover Sting
SpecialWeb Extra: Speaking Of Cutting Taxes For The Rich
SpecialWeb Extra: Let Sam Be Your Mom-Dance-spiration
SpecialNo One Questions Sam's Dishonesty
SpecialWeb Extra: Give Us A Pulitzer
SpecialWeb Extra: Ashley Made Adam Schiff Blush
SpecialWeb Extra: Kakafueally Origin Story
SpecialDiplomatic Dream Phone