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Get Ace Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Ace Gets Braced
2Monkey Madness
3Colossal Fossil
4Lunchbox Gets Braced
5Lord of the Board
6Grandpa Brouhaha
7Chicken Benefit
8Chicken Magic
9Hulla Balloon
10Trash and Terror
11Countdown to Kabloowie
12Jack Union
13Save the Crystal Cat
14Fast Times at Funpark High
16Mr. X
17Humungous Man
18Dog Gone
19My Freaky Valentine
20Comeback Mr Walker
21Computer Games
22Creepville Dare
23Greener Tina
24Athol and Ace
25Exchange Ace
26Follow that Collar
27Control Freak
28Fast Food and the Furious
29Ace the Hero
30Billy Bonkers
31Dawn of the Dumb
32Halloween Hijinks
33History Mystery
34Ace in Your Face
36A Bad Egbert
37Metal Mouth Man
38Jack's Back
39The InterNanny
40Hugo Gets Real
42Monster of Rock
43Barry Plotter
44Date with Disaster
45Ace in Space
46Cat Burglar
47Ace Joins the Circus
48School Election
49Ace and the Meanstalk
50Feathered Fiend
51Hugo 2.0
52Ace the Superspy