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Get Smart (1965)
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Get Smart (1965)

This show satirized the secret agent genre, which was quite popular in the mid-1960s. It ran on the NBC television network from 1965 to 1969, on CBS from 1969 to 1970, and on FOX in 1995, airing a total of 145 episodes. First 30 shows were made in black & white.The series, written and created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, won seven Emmy Awards and was nominated for an additional fourteen Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards. Two movie versions were produced years after the end of the NBC/CBS run of the TV series: the theatrically released The Nude Bomb (also known as The Return of Maxwell Smart or Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb) in 1980 and the made-for-TV Get Smart, Again! in 1989. The latter aired on ABC, making Get Smart the only television franchise to air new episodes on four different American television networks.

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Subtitles, Mistakes
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as Agent 99
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as Maxwell Smart


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