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Go, Dog. Go! Cast

as Frank
as Gilber
as Cheddar Biscuit
as Lady Lydia
as Grandmaw
as Grandpaw
as Sam Whippet
as Mayor Sniffington
as Sgt Pooch
as Spike
as Manhole Dog
as Kit Whiskerton
as Muttfield
as Little Dog
as Teacher
as Early Ed
as Tom Whiskerton
as Waggs Martinez
as Kelly Korgi
as Bernard Rubber
as Teen Dog
as Marcus Worms
as Big Dog
as Leader Dog
as Waitress
as Onlooker Dog
as Fetcher
as Franny's Mom
as Bowser
as Franny's Dad
as Chickens
as Coach Chewman
as Gabe Roof
as Donny Slippers
as Catch Morely
as Flip Chasely
as Sandra Paws
as Taylee
as DJ Doggy Bags
as Truck Driver
as Tagatha
as Chewlysses
as Geraldiah
as Muttfieldington
as Fast Frankie
as Beanie the Kid
as Lady Lydianna
as Scratch
as Cave Chicken
as Leo Howlstead
as Beefsteak
as Wagnes
as Instructor
as Korganizer
as Korganizer Dog
as Rhonda
as Help Bot
as Sandwich Dog
as Announcer
as Dog Mom