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Goodnight Sweetheart
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Goodnight Sweetheart

Gary Sparrow is an underachieving TV repairman, unhappily married to the loud and often mocking Yvonne Sparrow. However, Gary's life is changed forever upon discovering a time portal taking him back to a war-torn London, leading to an East End pub (the Royal Oak) and an attractive barmaid named Phoebe, who becomes his girlfriend. From then on, Gary leads a double life, going back and forth across time to please the two women in his life closest to his heart, but furthest apart.

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30 min.




5/5 (1 rating)

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Subtitles, Mistakes

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as Gary Sparrow
as Ron Wheatcroft
as Phoebe Bamford
as Phoebe Bamford
as Yvonne Sparrow
as Yvonne Sparrow
as Reginald "Reg" Deadman
as Eric Elward


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