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Halcyon is a police procedural series set in 2058 and focuses on a future world where virtual reality is as ubiquitous as smart phones are today. The series follows Julie Dover, a detective in the VR Crimes Unit, investigating the first real-life murder to take place within virtual reality.

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Aired on:
SyFy, US
5 min.
5/5 (1 rating)
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as Jules Dover
as Gavin Spencer
as Miranda Reyes
as Dylan Higgins
as Blake Creighton


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by posted
Really good show but I watched the entire series one only to find out there's no series two.... CURSE YOU, ITV!!!

by posted
I think it airs later today. I scrounged up a little info.

I would ignore the date in this quote. I don't think it is correct, but the other info seems useful:
"Halcyon" premieres on September 22. The non-VR episodes are free to watch online. If you want to watch the full series, including the VR episodes, you'll need to download the Halcyon VR app. It'll cost you $10 (which converts to about £7.50 or AU$13) for the Samsung Gear VR or $5 (about £4 or AU$6.50) on the Oculus Store.

Today's schedule (note - it is syfy UK):
8:55 PM Halcyon Season 1 Episode 1


Then, this, which appears to be a player but did nothing when I clicked to start:

I scrolled down this page and saw a bunch of episodes listed and I clicked on episode 1 which took me to a default player which is now playing the program.

First face I see I recognize from Reign, the man (character - Lord Castleroy) that Greer married.
xx---> <---xx WATCH HALCYON HERE

Editing to add that I looked up Michael Therriault who plays Lord Castleroy on Reign and I don't see Halcyon on his filmography list. Halcyon itself has hardly any info on IMDb (is considered under development) no cast or characters listed or much of anything to speak of.

Last, but not least, the episode I was watching is already over and was very very short. I don't think it was a trailer and I read somewhere that these were very short episodes and that you could binge watch the entire series in a day.

It puts me in mind of the one minute episodes that go with The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead (Flight 462) but longer.

Well, I'm on to episode 2 for what it's worth. My attention was on about everything but episode 1 so I'll try and focus now.

So much for focusing (and 2nd ep. is already over).

Last edit (I hope). I put 'Michael Therriault Halcyon' in search and came up with this:
Set in the year 2040, the series is centered on Blake Creighton (Michael Therriault), the CEO of the world's leading virtual reality company, Halcyon. Having cornered the market on VR, Halcyon has discarded the VR headset and allowed users to access the virtual space using neurological implants that manipulate the senses to create a virtual world. When Creighton is found dead, presumed murdered, Detective Jules Dover (Lisa Marcos) and her partner, Asha (Harveen Sandhu), investigate what appears to be the world's first virtual crime.
by posted
colinsp said:
Anybody know if this actually aired? I haven't found it anywhere yet.

neither have I!
Perhaps our devoted web master knows?
by posted
In saw somewhere out on the 26th September, I was looking for it too.
by posted
Anybody know if this actually aired? I haven't found it anywhere yet.