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Hey Yahoo! with Tom Cavanagh Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Tribe Has Spoken
2Bring It Home
3I'm Still Stuck on Meow
4Whistler Why You Work
5Pays Off To Be Bold
6Horse Dreamer
7The Founding Giants
9Shamrock and Roll
10Everyone is Santa Claus's Kid
11I'm the Middle Child
12One Time at Band Camp
13Come As You Are
14Left-Handed Guts
15Talk To Me, Goose
16The Gift Detective
17Do You Have A Tattoo of Me?
18Mango, Mango, Mango!
19Professor Plum with a Pipe in the Kitchen
20Who's Hungry for a Snow Brownie?
21Cavemen Don't Have Razors
22I Name My Plants
23I'm in Helicopter School
24Did You See That Yeti?
25Gotta Love Dogs
26Vegas, Baby!
27I Kid You Not
28Plant Family
29We Put Cheese In Everything
30Oh No, This Guy
31I Recommend Ketchup
32I'm Actually A Super Villain
33A Misspelled Kitchen
34I'm Always Hungry
35All Vintage All the Time
36Stairs Going West
37Living On A Boat Under the Stars
38Alligator Milk
39Is Kool-Aid a Thing?
40All About the Romance
41We Can Always Start With Snacks
42Thank Ya, Jamaica
43Hikes For Life
44Detroit Pizza Rules
45The Calculations Were Correct
46Headed to Burning Man
47I'm The King of Europe
48Popcorn and Videos
49The Moons of Mars
50Sprayed Pumpkins
51Barefoot Carpet Ride
52The Goonies Go To Church
53Drivin' the Holy Bus to Delaware
54Flip Flopper
553 Peas in a Pod
56Rainbow Fountain
57Cinnabon Lover
58Good For You, Hawaii!
59Do They Have Catfish?
60Churros, Anyone?
61You Can't Have Any Pudding if You Don't Eat Your Meat!
62Who, Werewolves, What