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High School DxD Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!
2Young Devils Gather!
3Cat and Dragon!
4Interception, Commence!
5Last Day of the Summer Vacation!
6Second Semester, Starts!
7Night Before the Battle!
8I'll Rescue Asia!
9Dragon of Dragon!
10Occult Research Club Vanishes!?
11I Will Fight!
12All the Time, Eternally!
SpecialTo Cradle Breasts!
SpecialRias and Akeno's Womanly Battle!?
SpecialThe Church Trio's Underwear, Amen!
SpecialKoneko's Healing Sage Arts, Meow
SpecialLevia and So ☆
SpecialDon't Revive the Phoenix
SpecialSteamy Grayfia
SpecialRossweisse's True Teaching Story!