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Hogan's Heroes Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Sep 16, 1966Hogan Gives a Birthday Party
2Sep 23, 1966The Schultz Brigade
3Sep 30, 1966Diamonds in the Rough
4Oct 07, 1966Operation Briefcase
5Oct 14, 1966The Battle of Stalag 13
6Oct 21, 1966The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz
7Oct 28, 1966Hogan Springs
8Nov 04, 1966A Klink, a Bomb and a Short Fuse
9Nov 11, 1966Tanks for the Memory
10Nov 18, 1966A Tiger Hunt In Paris (1)
11Nov 25, 1966A Tiger Hunt In Paris (2)
12Dec 02, 1966Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?
13Dec 09, 1966Don't Forget to Write
14Dec 16, 1966Klink's Rocket
15Dec 23, 1966Information Please
16Dec 30, 1966Art for Hogan's Sake
17Jan 06, 1967The General Swap
18Jan 13, 1967The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery
19Jan 20, 1967Praise the Führer and Pass the Ammunition
20Jan 27, 1967Hogan and the Lady Doctor
21Feb 03, 1967The Swing Shift
22Feb 10, 1967Heil Klink
23Feb 17, 1967Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law
24Feb 24, 1967Killer Klink
25Mar 03, 1967Reverend Kommandant Klink
26Mar 10, 1967The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From
27Mar 17, 1967The Tower
28Mar 24, 1967Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon
29Mar 31, 1967The Top Secret Top Coat
30Apr 07, 1967The Reluctant Target
Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes

Set in a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II, Hogan's Heroes is lightly based on the play/film, "Stalag 17." Hogan's Heroes focuses on the exploits of five main prisoners of war, who, while under the cover of being typical prisoners of war, are really secretly doing their best to sabotage the German war effort through whatever means necessary.

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