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Horizon Season 1969 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Inside Every Fat Man
2If Only They Could Speak
3The Miraculous Wonder: The Human Eye
4The Years of the Locust
5The Gifted Child
6The Last of the Polymaths
7Music and the Mind
8Report on V.D.
9A True Madness
10Extra Sensory Perception
11The Drift from Science
12Powers of Persuasion
13The View from Space
14The Unborn Patient
15King Solomon's Garden
16Muck Today, Poison Tomorrow
18Technology and Self-Determination
19After Apollo
21Machines and People
22Science on Safari
23The Problem of Pain
24Four Fast Legs and a Nose
25Father of the Man
26Master of the Microscope
28Snap, Crackle and Bang
29Cancer Now
30There's a Rhino in My Sugar
31Fit to Live
32Don't Cackle, Lay Eggs
33How Much Do You Drink?
34A Game of War
36For the Safety of Mankind