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House of Cards (2013) Cast

as Claire Underwood
as Doug Stamper
as Frank Underwood
as Seth Grayson
as Catherine Durant
as Edward Meechum
as Remy Danton
as Tom Hammerschmidt
as Thomas Yates
as Jackie Sharp
as Leann Harvey
as Nathan Green
as President Garrett Walker
as Bob Birch
as Heather Dunbar
as Rachel Posner
as Mark Usher
as Janine Skorsky
as Linda Vasquez
as Terry Womack
as Christina Gallagher
as Donald Blythe
as Lucas Goodwin
as Raymond Tusk
as Gavin Orsay
as Freddy Hayes
as Will Conway
as Hannah Conway
as Zoe Barnes
as Nancy Kaufberger
as Aidan Macallan
as Viktor Petrov
as Peter Russo
as Lisa Williams
as Ayla Sayyad
as Ted Brockhart
as Jane Davis
as Gillian Cole
as Harry Marshall
as DNI Vanessa Morrison
as Sean Jeffries
as Chairman of Joint Chiefs Max Braegher
as Kate Baldwin
as Alex Romero
as Cynthia Driscoll
as Adam Galloway
as Hector Mendoza
as First Lady Tricia Walker
as Laura Moretti
as Nora Cafferty
as Annette Shepherd
as Bill Shepherd
as Kelsey Stewart
as Jim Matthews
as Walter Doyle
as Abbott Vaughn
as Alexi Moryakov
as Duncan Shepherd
as Margaret Tilden
as Carly Heath
as Megan Hennessey
as Xander Feng
as Dr. Alan Cooke
as Elizabeth Hale
as Eric Rawlings
as Melody Cruz
as Barney Hull
as Sen. Charles Holburn
as Oliver Spence
as Connor Ellis
as Willard Erickson
as Daniel Lanagin
as Gary Stamper
as Eliana Caspi
as Celia Jones
as Jennifer Baumgarten
as Brett Cole
as Steve
as Felicity Holburn
as Michael Kern
as Evelyn Baxter
as David Rasmussen
as Marty Spinella
as Paul Capra
as Curtis Haas
as Casey Giallo
as Nick Henslow
as Justice Jacobs
as Doris Jones
as Henry Mitchell
as Joshua Masterson
as Governor Roger Olmstead
as Benjamin Grant
as Hasan Aruri
as Marcy Siegerson
as Dr. Charles Rosen
as Ray Meyers
as Vincent Abruzzo
as Stan Durant
as Gene Clancy
as Oren Chase
as Tim Corbet
as Ken Caswell
as Ted Havemeyer
as Senator Sheer
as US Attorney
as Paul Landry
as Arnold Silva
as Twenty-Year-Old Claire
as EPA Administrator
as Rafiq Nasser
as Roy Kapeniak
as Leanne Masters
as Dean Masters
as Bruce Higgins
as Phil Langdon
as Russo's Mother
as Scott Cunningham
as Wes Buchwalter
as Howard Webb
as Susan Marbury
as Darnell Hayes
as Dr. Lanjawni
as Kaseem Mahmoud
as Joe Siskind
as Special Agent Rick Bowman
as Geraldine
as Bishop Charles Eddis
as Earl Hanna
as Senator Dean Austen
as Russell
as Michael Corrigan
as Senator Baker
as Brad Petite