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Hyakujuu Ou Golion Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Escape from Slave Castle
2The Ruined Phantom Planet
3A Ghost and the Five Keys
4Resurrection of the Legendary Giant
5Fortress for the New Struggle
6Death of Shirogane the Hero
7The Beautiful Princess' Battle
8Stolen Blue Lion
9Girl of the Land of Evil
10Secret of the White Lion
11The Red Rain of Hell
12Evildoing of the Emperor
13Introducing Beautiful Honerva
14The Crown Prince of Hell
15Overcome the Phantom Shirogane
16The Legendary Bridge of Love
17Challenge from Space
18Footsteps in the Forest of Fear
19The Mystery of Ghost Castle
20Goodbye, Earth
21Altea's Sister Planet
22Phantom Space Flowers
23Friday the 13th
24Look for the Little Shadows
25Destroy the Giant Cannon!
26Defeat the Invisible Enemy
27Giant Beastman's Lullaby
28The Demon's Birthday
29Comes a Fiery Sky
30The Prince Imperial's Dark Love
31The Dreaded Mecha Beastman
32Behold! The 100 Ton Punch
33Terror of the Space Frogs
34Underground Operation
35Protect the Soccer Field
36Mortal Combat of Light and Shadow
37Space Speed Demon
38GoLion Hunting
39The Hypergravity Planetoid Trap
40No Tomorrow for Altea
41Brave Shirogane's Brother
42The Sand Planet of Death
43Angry Youth Suicide Corp
44The Planet Jarre Oath
45The Great Army of Darkness
46Fight Back, Space Mice
47The Seven Free Planets
48Reunion with the Phantom
49The Last of Hys
50The Great Storming of Galra
51GoLion's Desperate Battle
52Burn Galra Castle
Hyakujuu Ou Golion
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Hyakujuu Ou Golion

GoLion's story starts in the year 1999, when the planet Altea is subdued and enslaved by the Galra Empire. Five space pilots return to Earth to find the planet annihilated by thermonuclear war. Eventually, the explorers are captured and enslaved, and forced to fight for their lives in Emperor Daibazaal's arena. The young pilots escape and eventually land on the planet Altea, where they discover the secret of the mighty sentient robot GoLion, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Emperor Daibazaal's forces. Thousands of years ago, GoLion was once an arrogant robot who, after defeating several beastmen, tried to challenge a goddess to battle, but failed. To teach him humility, the goddess separated him into five pieces in the form of five lion robots that sailed through space and crash-landed on Altea to lay in wait for those who would one day reawaken him to fight evil once again.

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Aired on:

TV Tokyo, Japan




0/5 (0 ratings)

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as Suzuishi Hiroshi / Witch Honerva
as Princess Faara
as Shirogane
as Military Instructor Raibul
as Kurogane Isamu
as Kogane Akira
as Seidou Tsuyoshi
as Crown Prince Sinkline

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