Want to keep track of the TV Shows you're watching?

Can't remember which episodes of a show you've seen (from TV, Netflix, Hulu or anywhere else) ?

Next Episode app will help you track your favorite shows and provide you with quite a few unique and useful tools.


- MY SHOWS - you add your favorite shows, and Next Episode will track them for you

- RECENT - see what just aired and what is coming tomorrow. See all the shows or just the ones you like.

- CALENDAR - see a weekly listing of what is about to air, again - all the shows or just the ones you like.

- WHAT'S NEXT - shows from MY SHOWS, ordered by when their next episode will be.

- STUFF TO WATCH - new episodes from MY SHOWS appear in there once they air. A great way to keep an eye of all unwatched episodes!

- TOP SHOWS - see which shows were the most popular shows in the last Hour, Day, Week or Month.

- WE RECOMMEND - wandering what to watch next? Let NEXT EPISODE recommend some shows to you based on the shows you like.

- SOCIAL - post to your Twitter or Facebook account whenever you start/stop following a show.

- SHOW DETAILS - See more about the shows. A picture, short description, next/previous episode info, seasons/episodes schedule with episodes summaries and airdates etc.

You'll also get free updates for life, and updates (like push notification functionality) are planned really soon!

Take a look at the screenshots, and start using Next Episode today!