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Judy Justice Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Baseball Brawl
2Crash Caught on Camera and Fundraising Tragedy
3The Prison Connection
4Truckstop Video Vendetta
5The Love Bomb Loan and Beard Product Heist
6A Keyed Affair
7The Tenant's Revenge
8Relationship Roadblock
9Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 1)
10Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 2)
11Piglet Wars
12Bitter Bloodlines; Teen Burden and A Tail of Negligence
13Road Rage Rampage Caught on Tape
14When Cane Corsos Attack
15Care Facility Showdown
16Bullet-Riddled Betrayal
17Puppy Thief Mystery
18Money, Mischief, and a One-Eyed Cat and The Harley and the Frenchie
19Alleged Horse Abuse and Dog Rescue Gone Wrong
20Wage Wars and Golf Cart Goes Rogue
21Locked Up and Left Hanging
22Foster Child's Fire Damage
23Child Support Showdown and Dog Attack Drama
24Teeth-Shattering Nanny Incident
25Wedding Bus Betrayal and Gun Violence Awareness Collision
26Dog Mauling Mayhem
27Twin Tales of Assault and Retribution
28Child's View of Divorce Violence and Murder Trial Attire
29Shooting Victim Seeks Payback
30Guns, Ice, and Unpaid Price, and Renovation Roulette
31Florida Heartbreak
32Scooter Standoff and Dad's Work-for-Debt Dilemma
33Teen's Ill-Fated Run into Traffic
34Assault, Infidelity, and Nigerian Matrimony
35Corgi Custody
36Family Road Rage Drama
37Teen Victim's Strategic Surveillance
38Rims, Barter, and Betrayal
39Love, Loans, and Laid to Rest and Baby Shower Drama
40Friendship Turned Live-Streaming Fisticuffs
41Shirt Storm
42Toddler, Tax, and Truck Trouble
43Van Heist Justice
44Labradoodle Litigation
45Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 1)
46Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 2)
47Weed, Wheels, and Wisecracks
48A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 1)
49A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 2)
50Gun Brandishing Brother
51Barbershop Battle and Dental Adventure in Colombia
52Tire-Slashing Nuptials
53Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 1)
54Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 2)
55Sentimental Silicon Bust and Sancho Showdown
56From Subsidy to Slander
57Shotgun Tale Backfires