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Kiff Cast

as Kiff Chatterley
as Barry Buns
as Reggie
as Candle Fox
as Helen
as Principal Secretary
as Beryl Chatterley
as Martin Chatterley
as Trevor
as Renée
as Miss Deer Teacher
as Roy Fox
as Glarbin Gloobin
as Billiam
as Terri Buns
as Secretary Prince
as Michaela
as Harry Buns
as Sweepy Steve
as Darryn
as The Pone
as Kenny
as Mary Buns
as Ms. Moufflé
as Miss Tulane
as Bird Greg
as Grandma Rose
as Beverly
as Trollie
as Wall of Goat
as Mr. RiPeppa
as Dean Kim
as Biker Lady
as Nick Namé
as Chubbles
as Centaur Claus
as Drifter
as Ghost Grannie
as Professor Totsy
as Sgt. Hind
as Nice Old Singer
as Dr. Lyon
as Grandpa Tom
as Patty
as Slent
as Pawva
as Rob Sadly
as Kennedy
as Dante
as Giancarlo
as Marlina Deena Turina
as Ghost Wolf
as President Jill
as Lorraine
as Rosso
as L. E.
as Gareth
as George Meredith Willows
as Bird Linda
as Ben Finn
as Quinn Finn
as Judge Judegey
as Lance Contract
as Songster
as Kyle Lyon
as Computer Gremlin
as Uncle Pat
as Seagull Girl
as Danny Wibbon
as Dennis
as Tuft Pierre Poodle
as Timmy Table
as Tuft Pierre Duck
as Tuft Pierre Horse
as Scarm Scarmely
as Pete