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Join the trio of interplanetary bounty hunters as they navigate political turmoil, questionable morality, and complicated relationships in this action-packed adventure series.

With thrilling action sequences and complex characters, Killjoys is a must-watch for sci-fi fans.

Show Info

Aired on:

SyFy, US


45 min.




4.01/5 (231 ratings)

More Info:

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as John Jaqobis
as Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen
as D'avin Jaqobis


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
Farewell Killjoys, it's been a real treat. Thank you for five seasons of awesomeness! :)

Killjoys Season 5 | The Final Farewell
by posted
Shame it's finished but it got a chance to tell it's full story and in a satisfying way.
by posted
Sad to see them go, watched the whole show this month to refresh en enjoy the last episodes.
by posted
some_one said:
A decent quality Syfy show that ran for more than 3 seasons, managed to tell its full story to the end without any major production hiccups and had a somewhat satisfying and complete final episode.

Yes! Not the last of its kind, but it really seems to be happening less frequently these days.

Brom said:
it was a good finish too :)

Yeah, especially when combined with "The Final Farewell" video (see above). :)
by posted
it was a good finish too :)
by posted
Well that's it.

A decent quality Syfy show that ran for more than 3 seasons, managed to tell its full story to the end without any major production hiccups and had a somewhat satisfying and complete final episode.

Turns out it was possible after all. Sad to see this show go, but that alone should be worth it.
by posted
Decided to post in this old thread because the show is going to end soon. A bit sorry to see it end - it wasn't perfect, but enjoyable enough for me. :)

Killjoys Season 5 | The Final Farewell
by posted
I'm not sure if I would consider 12 Monkeys 'mediocre' but at the same time I also don't consider it to be the principal point of content consumption, besides the fourth season will be its final season in 2018. Shows like Killjoys and Zoo are considered guilty pleasures and filler for those who watch them, but most importantly none of those shows have anything to do with Netflix as Killjoys and 12 Monkeys airs on Syfy, and Zoo comes on CBS. The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher the ratings (particularly in the 18-49 demographic), the better the chances for survival. The Live + Same Day Ratings, which include 'live' viewing plus 'delayed DVR' viewing, up until 3am local time that same night, tend to consist of ratings marked with an "*" that are the 'fast affiliate ratings' and will be updated with the Live+SD numbers when they are made available. Usually networks get paid for 'C+3' ratings, which includes DVR viewings within three days of the original airing when commercials are watched, but those numbers are rarely released to the press though.

Netflix on the other hand doesn't typically share that kind of data and didn't cite it as a reason for cancellation, but it's a safe bet something similar was at play. After all, as history has shown us, Netflix is notorious for canceling very few of its original series. The Get Down and Sense8 were among the first and most likely won't be the last. It just goes to show you that you can have a show with noted critical acclaim and that still won't be enough. These networks want money!! A show might have a cult-like following, but if it's not bringing in record-breaking viewers, it could be headed towards the chopping block. This is actually an understandable and intelligent way for a company to run. The question that remains of course is why these more diverse series are falling flat on their faces, and the answer may be simpler than you think -- poor viewership to budget ratio.

The funny thing is that even though I try to understand the business of it all I still can't help but smh at the current dinosaur system that's in place, why certain shows get renewed, who on earth wastes their precious time watching them, why the good ones die young, and how come the majority aren't interested in watching THE GOOD STUFF?!? Honestly, I could go all day with this but it would turn out to be a complete waste of time in the end because in the near future another brain dead series is definitely going to be renewed while another great one gets axed.

I didn't particularly care for Sense8 (didn't make it halfway thru it's opening season) but I do feel your pain x10. I was sitting exactly where you are 14 years ago, March 2003 to be exact, and was one of many that actually did something about it and petitioned. If my username is any indication...
by posted
I really like Dark Matter and I did like Killjoys until the start of 3rd season. I watched episode 1 and 2 but did not enjoy them at all, finding the storyline very boring and disjointed and the new actors performances not so good. It has gone the same way as Twelve Monkeys.
I love Sense8 and was very happy to find that it is now watched all over the world.
I am absolutely gob smacked that Netfix has not renewed this amazing show for a 3rd season but has renewed mediocre shows like 12 Monkeys, Zoo and Killjoys.
by posted
Worst actress award goes to...