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Kimba the White Lion Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Go, White Lion!
2The Wind in the Desert
3A Human Friend
4Great Caesar's Ghost
5Fair Game
6Jungle Thief
7Battle at Dead River
8The Insect Invasion
9The Flying Tiger
10Two Hearts and Two Minds
11Catch 'Em if You Can
12The Hunting Ground
13The Trappers
14Journey Into Time
15Scrambled Eggs
16Diamonds in The Gruff
17The Magic Serpent
18The Runaway
19The Mystery of the Deserted Village
20Restaurant Trouble
21The Bad Baboon
22Dangerous Journey
23The Gigantic Grasshopper
24Gypsy's Purple Potion
25Too Many Elephants
26A Revolting Development
27The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf
28The Wild Wildcat
29The Nightmare Narcissus
30Adventure in the City
31City of Gold
32The Last Poacher
33Jungle Justice
34Jungle Fun
35The Pretenders
36The Monster of Petrified Valley
37Legend of Hippo Valley
38Volcano Island
39Running Wild
40The Troublemaker
41Destroyers from the Desert
42The Balloon that Blows Up
43Monster of the Mountain
44A Friend In Deed
45Such Sweet Sorrow
46The Return of Fancy Prancy
47The Cobweb Caper
48The Red Menace
49The Sun Tree
50Soldier of Fortune
51The Day the Sun went out
52Silvertail the Renegade