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Kingdom (2012) Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Boy with No Name
2An Encounter with Destiny
3For a Friend
4The King and the Sword
5Unbroken Heart
6The Path to Becoming a General
7The Fearsome Folk of the Mountains
8Each One's Dream
9On to Xianyang
10Storming the Capital
11A Fierce Battle Begins
12The Ultimate Sword-Blow
13Lan Kai Roars
14The Strength of the Sword
15The Qualities of a King
16Lü Buwei
17First Campaign
18The Chariot Squadron's Menace
19Raging Battle
20Wang Yi Intrudes
21The Meaning of a General
22The Clever General vs. the Daring General
23An Evening Story
24A New Trial
26Pang Nuan, God of War
27The Fei Xin Force Is Born
28Wang Yi's Flying Arrow
29The Tides Of War Suddenly Turn
30An Act of God
31The Power of Unity
32The Fei Xin Force on the Run
33Wang Yi Takes the Field!
34The Main Attraction
35Commanding Generals Face to Face
36Wang Yi and Liao
37I Stand on the Verge of Death