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Kingdom (2012) Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1A New Era
2The Silent Battlefield
3A Tempestuous Feast
4The King and the Ant
5The Third Force
6Exquisite Poison
7The Cursed Prince
8Zheng and Zi Xia
9Connecting Wishes
10Shattered Love
11The Lineup
12The Siege of Gaolang Castle
13The Way I Fight
14The Man Lian Po
15The Air of a General
16The Great General at Midnight
17The Night Before Battle
19Xuan Feng's Cunning Scheme
20The Fei Xin Force Retaliates
21Robber vs. Strategist
22Meng Tian's Proposal
23Three Forces United
24A Wall to be Overcome
25Behind the Behind
26General Caliber
28The Final Twist
29In a Heartbeat
30A Good Friend
31Meng Ao Stays Firm
32An Era Undiminished
33Victory and What Follows
34The Tactician Arrives
35Ordeal and Resolve
36Going Up
37Distant Thunder
38A Staging Area for Intrigue
39A New Legend