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Last Resort

The crew of a US nuclear sub defies orders to fire missiles and must go on the run. They find refuge at a NATO base where they claim sovereignty.

The crew of the USS Colorado must navigate international politics and military tensions as they establish their own nuclear nation.

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60 min.




3.62/5 (13 ratings)

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as Captain Marcus Chaplin
as Lt. Cmdr. Sam Kendal
as Lt. Grace Shepard
as Sophie Girard
as Petty Officer James King
as Kylie Sinclair
as Master Chief Joseph Prosser
as Tani Tumrenjak
as Julian Serrat


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
It was okay, but still it never returned to the greatness of the pilot and the finale felt just like another episode of just another mediocre series.

But I'm looking forward to the next project involving Andre Braugher, 'cause he's always a pleasure to watch.
by posted
I stopped after about four episodes, but did see the finale. They seemed to do a good job of tying up all the story lines they established early on. Made it into a decent mini-series. I still think that it would have done better as a shorter mini-series (like six or eight eps). That's a big problem with American shows, which have these very long series (or seasons) of up to 26 episodes. That makes it difficult to stay on course with even the best story concepts. They have to use a lot of padding and that is often very annoying. Cable channels are smart in that they can get away with 10-16 eps per series.
by posted
by posted
soleron said:
Well just saw the finale and i have to say the've done good work wraping it up imo. I liked it and it was a decent end for a cancelled show.

yeah, i concur.
by posted
Well just saw the finale and i have to say the've done good work wraping it up imo. I liked it and it was a decent end for a cancelled show.
by posted
why 2 more weeks of episodes, why dont they air them both next week?
by posted
they should have aired the final 2 eps before xmas seems daft to have them a month later for a show that's ending
by posted
Well, it has already been cancelled, so I guess my opinion doesn't matter.
But let's pretend that it does.
This show had such a promising premise!

I really wanted to like it!

But what can you do? The plot was all over the place. There was no as we say in Sweden "red thread " in it.
The red thread would be something like "continuity" .

They should have stuck to one or two of the storylines, but instead, they decided to go with all of them.
by posted
Not surprised about this. It seems that shows focused mostly on action can survive only on cable networks these days. Plus the quality of Last Resort decreased very quickly. Sure, it had good moments (Skeleton Crew episode), but mostly it was a disappointment for me.
by posted
not suprised was talking about this at work last week, couldn't really see how this story wise would get past a seconds season.
Stay on the island and have the same thing over and over or end the story
Hopefully they will have a ending to the show much like awake gave us last year