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Legend of Earthsea
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Legend of Earthsea

Loosely adapted from the award-winning Earthsea novel by Ursula K. Le Guin, Legend of Earthsea aired as a two-night event on the SciFi Channel in December 2004.

The mini-series follows the tale of Ged, a rebellious youth, learning to become a sorcerer. But when his village is raided, he is killed and brought back to life by a powerful wizard, Ogion, and he finds out that he is destined to become one of the most powerful sorcerers the world of Earthsea has ever known. But first he must master this power, so that he may combat The Nameless Ones, who desire to destroy the world.

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Aired on:

SyFy, US


240 min.




1/5 (2 ratings)

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as Ged / Sparrowhawk
as Ogion
as High Priestess Thar
as King Tygath
as Jasper
as Arch Magus


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