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Legend Of Fei Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Trespasser
3Exam Day
4Chance Meeting
5Black Dungeon
7Close Escape
8Staying Hidden
9Love Story
10The Search
11Fleeing the City
12Real Identities
13Azure Dragon
14Constant Pursuit
15A Race Against Time
16Same Destination
17In Need of Help
18The Story of a Heroine
19Meaningless Duels
20The Challenge
21Close to Home
22Mountain Ambush
23Under Siege
24Defending the Strongholds
25The Battle to Defend
26Cloud Pusher Palm
27A Trip to Lingling
28Suppressing the Poison
29Locked Hand-in-hand
30The Demon Slaying Assembly
31Borrowed Life
32Staying Alive
33Fire Lotus
34The Last Trust
35Millennium Sorrow
36Facing the Poison Queen
37Small Gifts
38Visiting Jiankang
39Defeating Iron-masked Demon
40The Yin Family’s Revenge
41Preparing for the Worst
42The Marriage Proposal
43The Ambush
44A Meeting in Hanshui Town
45Swapping Hostages
46The Secret Entrance
47Rescue Mission
48Hazardous Grounds
49Half and Half
50A Fifty-Fifty Chance
51Point the Blade Forward