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Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Curse of the Monkeybird
2Deflating Planet
3Harm Wrestling
4Big League Beast
5Hole #1: Mini Elmer
6Firehouse Frenzy
7Boo! AppeTweet
8Hole #2: Plunger
9Bubble Dum
10Pain in the Ice
11Tunnel Vision
12Pool Bunny
13Pest Coaster
14Rhino Ya Don't
15Buzzard School
16Living Planet
17Wet Cement
18Siberian Sam
19Fishing Pole
20Fleece & Desist
21Mirror Planet
22Grilled Rabbit
23Cactus if you Can
24Shower Shuffle
25Overdue Duck
27Vincent Van Fudd
28Hare Restoration
29TNT Trouble
30Plumber's Quack
31Elf Help
32Yuletide Taz
33Holiday Purrchase
34Ho Ho Go!
35Snow Laughing Matter
37Moving Hole
38Kitty Livin
39Chain Gangsters
40Sylvester Car Jack Lift
41Falling for It
43Little Martian
44Climate Control
46Flag Won't Stay Straight
47Brave New Home
48The Case of Porky's Pants
49Fully Vetted
51Planet Split in Two
52Sales Duck
53Pitcher Porky
54Cherry Picker
55Duck Duck Boom
58Fudds Bunny
59Shoe Shine-nanigans
60Multiply and Conquer
61Parky Pig
62Shell Shocked
63The Daffy Dentist
64Puma Problems
65Bowling Ball
66Duplicate Daffy
68Hammer the Rabbit Hole
69Devil of a Drink
70Weaselin' In!
71Time Out!
72Bounty Bunny
74Vender Bender
75Mallard Practice
77Born To Be Wile E.
78Raging Granny
80Spare Me!
81Marv Attacks!
82A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
83High Speed Hare
85Nutty Devil
86Pigture Perfect
87Grappling Hook
88Swoop De Doo!
89A Pane to Wash
90High Wire
91Saddle Sore!