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Love After Lockup Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Virgin & The Trick
2The $12,000 Mistake
3I Want This to Be Real
4Washing Off Prison
5Secrets and Cellmates
6Your Card Has Been Declined
7Rings and Runaways
8She Said Yes?
9The $800K Hustle
10Wife on the Run
11She Has To Go
12Visits & Violations
13Sorry, Not Sorry
14Prison Blues to Wedding Bells
15Life After Lockup: Prove Yourself
16Life After Lockup: Truth & Lies
17Life After Lockup: Risks & Regulations
18Life After Lockup: Second Chances
19Life After Lockup: Trials & Tribulations
20Life After Lockup: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons
21Life After Lockup: Close Calls
22Life After Lockup: The Schemiest Scheme Ever
23Life After Lockup: Broken Bonds
24Inmate Or Soulmate?
25Felon Fantasy
26Love Is A Sickness
27Indecent Proposals
28The Mother of All Surprises
29Catch Me if You Con
30Menace To Society
31Dirty Laundry
32Snitches Get Stitches
33Love The Way You Lie
34Dangerous Engagements
35Love Or Con?
36Truth & Consequences
37Blinded By Love
38To Con a Convict
39Wedding Crashers & Cheaters
40Life After Lockup: Skeletons in the Closet
41Life After Lockup: Manipulate The Manipulator
42Life After Lockup: Wake Up Calls
43Life After Lockup: Between Roc & A Hard Place
44Life After Lockup: Rules & Receipts
45Life After Lockup: Bonded & Ghosted
46Life After Lockup: Con-Fessions
47Life After Lockup: Risky Business
48Life After Lockup: Royal Flush
49Life After Lockup: The Wife, The Girlfriend and The Side Chick
50Life After Lockup: Who's Cheating On Who?
51Life After Lockup: The Final Straw
SpecialOur Story: Johnna & Garrett
SpecialOur Story: James & Alla
SpecialOur Story: Mary & Dom
SpecialOur Story: Andrea & Lamar
SpecialOur Story: Scott & Lizzie and Angela & Tony
SpecialWhere Are They Now?
SpecialMost Arresting Moments