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Love After Lockup Season 4 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Happily Ever After?
2P.O. Problems
3Don't Track Me
4Rule Breakers & Love Makers
5Get Right or Get Left
6Ex-tra Stress
7What Are You Hiding?
8Deny, Deny, Deny
9What's Love Gotta Do With It?
10The Home Wrecker & The Nervous Wreck
11Life After Lockup: Can't Stop Destiny
12Life After Lockup: Bond Girl
13Life After Lockup: Partners in Crime
14Life After Lockup: Most Wanted
15Life After Lockup: The Rebound and The Monster
16Life After Lockup: Lost and Found
17Life After Lockup: Dirty Little Secrets
18Life After Lockup: Just a Snitch
19Life After Lockup: Always the Bad Guy
20Life After Lockup: I've Got Warrants, Bruh
21Life After Lockup: You Got Served
22Life After Lockup: Red Flags
23Love During Lockup: Scam the Scammer
24Love During Lockup: Secret Prison Wedding
25Love During Lockup: Til Death Do Us Part
26Love During Lockup: Where There's Smoke
27Love During Lockup: My Fiancé has a Fiancé
28Love During Lockup: Jail Bait & Switch
29Love During Lockup: Ride or Die?
30Love During Lockup: Love Obsessed
31The Jeweler and the Thief
32Married at Release
33Sex, Lies, & Prison Wives
34Ditched & Dismissed
35Felons 4 Life
36Car Chase From Hell
37Red Flag After Red Flag
38Ticking Time Bomb
39Drunk in Love
40Wedding Rings & Secret Flings
41Life After Lockup: Habitual Offenders
42Life After Lockup: Fresh Out Glow
43Life After Lockup: Family Lies
44Life After Lockup: No Money, More Problems
45Life After Lockup: Blindsided & Divided
46Life After Lockup: The Ring Is Off?
47Life After Lockup: Roses & Thorns
48Life After Lockup: Love Isn't Enough
49Life After Lockup: Busted & Disgusted
50Life After Lockup: I Do, I Don't
51Love During Lockup: Jail Talk
52Love During Lockup: The Million Dollar Fantasy
53Love During Lockup: Once a Criminal
54Love During Lockup: You're The Inmate
55Love During Lockup: Spies & Lies
56Love During Lockup: Got You a User
57Love During Lockup: Bonded For Life
58Love During Lockup: Are You His Auntie
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Stan & Tai
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Chazz & Glorietta
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Shavel & Quaylon
SpecialWhere Are They Now?: Meghan & Sarah
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Britney & Ray, Caitlin
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Lizzie & Jessica
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Kevin & Indie