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Love After Lockup Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Born That Way
2Street Lies and P.I.'s
3The 40k Felon
4Dark Side Of The Spoon
5Rome's Not Where The Heart Is
6Unhappy Father's Day
7Seeing Redd
8Here Comes the Lie
9Escaping with Joy
10Running from Love
11The Reckoning
12Onion of Lies
13Life After Lockup: Love Is A Powerful Drug
14Life After Lockup: Tick Tok
15Life After Lockup: Smells Like Bad Decisions
16Life After Lockup: Pizza Of My Heart
17Life After Lockup: Problems You Didn't Know You Had
18Life After Lockup: Deleted But Not Forgotten
19Life After Lockup: Moms Behaving Badly
20Life After Lockup: Shimmer Down
21Life After Lockup: Games of Chance
22Life After Lockup: Fighting Chance
23Love During Lockup: The Watcher & The Dancer
24Love During Lockup: Vegas or Bust
25Love During Lockup: Cut The Cameras
26Love During Lockup: Daughter-in-law or Mistress?
27Love During Lockup: Free Candice!
28Love During Lockup: The Mourning After
29Love During Lockup: Rescue Me from the Castle!
30Love During Lockup: Too Good To Let Go
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Johnna & Garrett
SpecialWhere Are They Now?: Brittany & Santiba
SpecialWhere Are They Now?: Monique & Lizzy
SpecialWhere Are They Now?: John & Kristianna, Haley
SpecialWhere Are They now? Amber & Jessica
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Cheryl & Kaylah
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Andrea & Mark
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Lisa, Lacey & Antoine
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Best Of
SpecialWhere Are They Now Repeat Offenders
SpecialInnocent After Lockup: Taron
SpecialInnocent After Lockup: Calvin
SpecialWhere Are They Now Cheaters (Part 1)
SpecialWhere Are They Now Cheaters (Part 2)
SpecialWhere Are They Now? Con-Versations
SpecialInnocent After Lockup: Ruel