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Mad Dogs
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Mad Dogs

A group of four fortysomething friends travel to Majorca for another mate's retirement party and are met with betrayal and murder.

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Aired on:
Sky 1, UK
60 min.
Created by:
3.25/5 (4 ratings)
More Info:
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as Baxter
as Woody


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Latest comments

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by posted
Right, right.
by posted
Remove the codec pack, and any other crap like that. All that stuff is not needed.
The ONLY thing you need to play video files is VLC...

If this doesn't play it then it's probably a QuickTime format, in which case you need QuickTime Alternative...

Anything else is not worth watching.
by posted
Yay it works just needed to switch one codec! :D
by posted
REPACK also not working. Oh well.
by posted
Orlando said:
I can't play the BIA release. :( Guess I'm gonna wait for the bluray.

I have the k-lite codec pack 7.2.0 standard. Nothing else, so with that you should be able to play it too. I use the mediaplayer which is included in that codec pack, MPCHC. It is not the latest version but that should not matter. The latest version of k-lite seems to be 8.x.x something.

But, since it is incomplete you probably is better off waiting for bluray or atleast a proper.
by posted
I can't play the BIA release. :( Guess I'm gonna wait for the bluray.
by posted
It is back, but the BiA rip seems to be missing the ending. It also seems to be the only rip out there, and not have been nuked and/or propered eventhough it is incomplete. Annoying. It is a great show.
by posted
It was a four part mini series that got already released on BluRay:

It got a very good IMDb rating - so check it out :D

And there will be a second (mini) series :)
by posted