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MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Auditions, Day 1
2Auditions, Day 2
3Emelia Jackson Mystery Box
4Chicken Or The Egg?
5Superstars Week - Nigella Lawson (Elimination Challenge)
6Superstars Week - Yotam Ottolenghi (Team Challenge)
7Superstars Week - Massimo Bottura (Elimination Challenge)
8Superstars Week - Clare Smyth (Mystery Box)
9Superstars Week - Heston Blumenthal (Immunity Challenge)
10Poh, Callum & Reynold (Elimination Challenge)
11Least & Most Comfortable (Team Challenge)
12Sweet & Savoury Tart (Elimination Challenge)
13Staples (Immunity Challenge)
14Choose Your Ingredient & Masterclass
15That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Elimination Challenge)
16Meet The Masters
17Meet The Masters (Pressure Test)
18Meet The Masters (Mystery Box)
19Cooking With Fire (Immunity Challenge)
20Meet The Masters (Elimination Challenge)
21Service Challenge - Tonka (Immunity Challenge)
22Service Challenge - Movida (Immunity Challenge)
23Service Challenge - Lucy Liu (Immunity Challenge)
24Service Challenge - Stokehouse (Immunity Challenge)
25Relay Challenge (Elimination)
26Vegetables (Invention Test)
27Pressure Test
2811 Utensils (Mystery Box)
29Hot Chillies! (Immunity Challenge)
30Game ID (Elimination Challenge)
31Second Chance Week (Top Four)
32Second Chance Week (Pressure Test)
33Clear Or Hidden (Mystery Box Challenge)
34It's A Knockout!
35Murray Cod (Elimination Challenge)
36Pair Up With Crayfish (Team Challenge)
37Vego (Elimination Challenge)
38Melbourne Inspiration (Mystery Box)
39Kate Reid Pastry (Immunity Challenge)
4090 Minute Cook Time (Elimination Challenge)
41Home Delivery (Team Challenge)
42Khanh Nguyen's Pork Wellington
434 Ingredient Barter (Mystery Box)
44The Top Four (Immunity Challenge)
45Nu Nu Ingredient ID (Elimination Challenge)
46Three Blue Ducks (Service Challenge)
47Darren Purchese (Pressure Test)
48Family Messages
49Keep Up With Curtis & Masterclass
50Black Mystery Box or Black Gloche? (Double Elimination)
51Uluru (Team Challenge)
52Simpson's Gap (Elimination Challenge)
53All 7 Ingredients! (Mystery Box Challenge)
54The Cloche Challenge
55Fast Food & Fancy Food (Elimination Challenge)
56Society (Service & Elimination Challenge)
57Vue Du Monde - Bottlebrush (Pressure Test)
58Finalists (Advantage Challenge)
60Grand Finale (Part 1)
61Grand Finale (Part 2)