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MasterChef Australia Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Top 50 Begins - BBQ Challenge
2Signature Dish
3Bottom 10 Elimination Challenge
410 More Spots with Matt Moran
5Masterclass 1
6The Top 24 - Mystery Box Challenge
7Childhood Memory Invention Test
8Chef Challenge - Luke Nguyen
9Italian Restaurant Team Challenge
10Eggy Elimination Challenge
11Masterclass 2
12Mystery Box & Invention Test
13Pressure Test - Peter Gilmore
14Chef Challenge - Philippa Sibley
15Kids Birthday Team Challenge
16Fix That Dish Elimination
17Masterclass 3
18Mystery Box & Invention Test
19Black Forest Cake Pressure Test
20Chef Challenge - Justin North
21Classic French Meal Team Challenge
22Name That Herg Elimination
23Masterclass 4
24Mystery Box & Invention Test
25Schnitzel & Chips Pressure Test
26Chef Challenge - Restaurant Arras
27Normal Family Meal Team Challenge
28Bouillabaisse Taste Test Elimination
29Masterclass 5
30Pizza Over Challenge
31Duck Two Ways Pressure Test
32Chef Challenge - Frank Camorra
33The Press Club Team Challenge
34Mystery Box Elimination Challenge
35Masterclass 6
36Mystery Box & Invention Test
37Seafood Platter Pressure Test
38Chef Challenge - Maggie Beer
39Pacific Jewel Team Challenge
40Taste Test Elimination Challenge
41Masterclass 7
42Mystery Box & Invention Test
43Oyster Terrine Pressure Test
44Chef Challenge - Aaron vs Adam
45Molecular Gastronomy Team Challenge
46Chicken Korma & Name Spices Elimination
47Masterclass 8
48Mystery Box & Invention Test
49Beef Stroganoff Pressure Test
50Chef Challenge - Josh Emett
51Qantas Business Team Challenge
52Carrot Cake Elimination Challenge
53Masterclass 9
54London Week Day 1: Invention Test
55London Week Day 2: Heston Pressure Test
56London Week Day 2: Chef Challenge - Martin Blunos
57London Week Day 3: Super Off Site Challenge
58London Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge
59Masterclass 10
60Return Elimination Challenge 1
61Return Elimination Challenge 2
62Chef Challenge - Mitchell Orr
63CWA Team Challenge
64Taste Test Elimination Challenge
65Masterclass 11
66Mystery Box & Invention Test
67Macaron Tower Pressure Test
68Chef Challenge - Adam Melona
69Army Base Team Challenge
70Thai Satay Sauce Elimination Challenge
71Masterclass 12
72Mystery Box & Invention Test
73Pressure Test - Christine Manfield
74Chef Challenge - Shaun Presland
75Signature Dish Challenge
76Guess that Fish Elimination Challenge
77Masterclass 13
78Finals Week - Day 1 - Invention Test
79Finals Week - Day 2 - Pressure Test
80Finals Week - Day 3 - Mystery Box Challenge
81Finals Week - Day 4 - Signature Dish Challenge
82Finals Week - Day 5 - Off Site Challenge
83Finals Week - Day 6 - Final Masterclass
84Grand Final - Welcome Masterchef 2010