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MasterChef Australia Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Cockatoo Island
2Basic Skills Bootcamp
3The First Six
4Go Fish
5Ultimate Desert Island Dish
7Taste Test
8No Judges in Sight
9Immunity Challenge
10Baking Team Challenge
11First Elimination
13Mystery Box
14Pressure Test
15Immunity Challenge
16Boys vs Girls Team Challenge
17Rapid Fire challenge
19Fused Challenge
20Pressure Test
21Team Immunity Challenge
22Offsite Team Challenge
23Skills Race Elimination
25Miner Challenge
26Double Immunity Invention Test
27Immunity Challenge
28Pantry Invention Test
29Fix That Dish Elimination
31Super Invention Test
32Asian-inspired Pressure Test
33Immunity Battle
34Gen X vs Y Team Challenge
35Weakest Link Elimination
378-course Feast
38Burger and Fries Elimination
39Dessert Immunity
40Team Challenge
41Cook By Numbers Elimination
43Korean-inspired Invention Test
44George's Mum
45Immunity Challenge
46Food Court Team Challenge
47Sweet and Savoury Elimination
49Matt Moran's Farm Challenge
50Retro Elimination
51Immunity Battle
52Dual Event Team Challenge
53Blind Taste Test Elimination
55Mystery Box, Invention Test
56Pressure Test
57Immunity Challenge
58English and French Team Challenge
59The Basics Elimination
61New York City Challenge
62United Nations Challenge
63Immunity Challenge
64Super Challenge
65Sylvia’s Restaurant Elimination Challenge
66NYC Masterclass
67Dalai Lama Challenge
68Autumn Dessert Pressure Test
69Immunity Challenge
70Qantas First Class Challenge
71What You've Learned So Far Elimination
73Mystery Box
74Family Visit
75Three Course Immunity
76Uninvited Guest Challenge
77Elimination Challenge
78Christmas in July Masterclass
79Cook Book Challenge
80Chicken Terrine Pressure Test
81Food Autobiography Challenge
82Sydney's Finest Challenge
83Final Elimination Challenge
84Reunion Masterclass
85Grand Finale