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MasterChef Australia Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Top 22
2Protein Pick Face Off Challenge
3Elimination Challenge 1
4Masterclass 1
5Barossa Boot Camp Day 1: Break Down a Lamb
6Barossa Boot Camp Day 2: Maggie Beer Tag Team Race
7Barossa Boot Camp Day 3: Seafood at Seppeltsfield Winery
8Barossa Boot Camp Day 4: Double Elimination Challenge
9Masterclass 2
10Kids Week Day 1: Lunch Box
11Kids Week Day 2: Immunity Challenge
12Kids Week Day 3: Tuck Shop Challenge
13Kids Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge
14Masterclass 3
15Italian Week Day 1: Public Stall Challenge
16Italian Week Day 2: Elimination - Memory Dish
17Italian Week Day 3: Battle of the Pizza
18Italian Week Day 4: Elimination
19Masterclass 4
20Wild West Week Day 1: Catch of the Day
21Wild West Week Day 2: Immunity Twist
22Wild West Week Day 3: Stockmen Challenge
23Wild West Week Day 4: Elimination - The Green House
24Masterclass 5
25Heaven and Hell Week Day 1: Mystery Box
26Heaven and Hell Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
27Heaven and Hell Week Day 3: Seven Deadly Sins Banquet
28Heaven and Hell Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge 2
29Masterclass 6
30Fast Food Week Day 1: Mystery Box
31Fast Food Week Day 2: Auction Elimination
32Fast Food Week Day 3: Car Club Team Challenge
33Fast Food Week Day 4: Elmination Challenge
34Masterclass 7
35Immunity Week Day 1: Skills Test and Yin & Yang Challenge
36Immunity Week Day 2: Identical Dishes
37Immunity Week Day 3: Black Forest Ice-Cream Cake Relay
38Immunity Week Day 4: Butter Invention Test
39Masterclass 8
40Love Week Day 1: Mystery Box Challenge
41Love Week Day 2: Chocolate Elimination
42Love Week Day 3: 50 First Dates
43Love Week Day 4: Breakfast Elimination
44Masterclass 9
45Heston Blumenthal Week Day 1: Royal Jubilee Trifle
46Heston Blumenthal Week Day 2: Cook Against Heston Immunity
47Heston Blumenthal Week Day 3: Medieval Knights Feast
48Heston Blumenthal Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge
49Masterclass 10
50World Food Week Day 1: VIP Banquet
51World Food Week Day 2: Palms Hotel Elimination
52World Food Week Day 3: Mexico or China
53World Food Week Day 4: Qantas World Map of Food
54Masterclass 11
55Dreams Week Day 1: Service Challenge
56Dreams Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
57Dreams Week Day 3: Josie Bones
58Dreams Week Day 4: Darren's Raspberry Rhubarb Ginger Chocolate Dessert.
59Masterclass 12
60Finals Week Day 1: Mystery Box
61Finals Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
62Finals Week Day 3: The Atlantic Service Challenge
63Finals Week Day 4: Culinary Dueling
64Masterclass 13