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MasterChef Australia Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1May 05, 2014Series 6 Premiere
2May 06, 2014Top 50: Core Skills Invention Test
3May 07, 2014Top 24: Mystery Box Challenge
4May 08, 2014Elimination Challenge: Chinese Fried Rice
5May 11, 2014Mystery Box Challenge and Breakfast Invention Test
6May 12, 2014Pressure Test: Shannon Bennett's Fillet of Beef
7May 13, 2014Off-Site Challenge: Lunch Service in St Kilda
8May 14, 2014Elimination Challenge: Three Dishes from One Snapper
9May 18, 2014Mystery Box Challenge: Maggie Beer
10May 19, 2014Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Rivers and Lakes
11May 20, 2014Immunity Challenge: Ollie Gould & Kylie Kwong
12May 21, 2014Team Challenge: Three Course Menu from Memory
13May 22, 2014Elimination Challenge in Three Rounds
14May 25, 2014Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test
15May 26, 2014Pressure Test
16May 27, 2014Immunity Challenge: Benjamin Cooper
17May 28, 2014Team Challenge: Four-Course Dessert Menu
18May 29, 2014Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test
19Jun 01, 2014Mystery Box Challenge
20Jun 02, 2014Pressure Test: Saint Crispin
21Jun 03, 2014Immunity Challenge: Matt Stone
22Jun 04, 2014Team Challenge: Queen Victoria Market
23Jun 05, 2014Elimination Challenge: Time Auction
24Jun 08, 2014Invention Test: Chocolate
25Jun 09, 2014Pressure Test: Nobu Matsuhisa
26Jun 10, 2014Immunity Challenge
27Jun 11, 2014Offsite Challenge: Wedding Anniversary at Ascot House
28Jun 12, 2014Elimination Challenge
29Jun 15, 2014Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White
30Jun 16, 2014Pressure Test: White Heat
31Jun 17, 2014Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke
32Jun 18, 2014Offsite Challenge: Taxi Kitchen
33Jun 19, 2014Elimination Challenge: Risotto
34Jun 22, 2014Mystery Box Challenge
35Jun 23, 2014Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna
36Jun 24, 2014Mystery Box Challenge: Second Chances
37Jun 25, 2014Service Challenge: Starlight Children's Foundation
38Jun 26, 2014Power Apron Mystery Box Challenge
39Jun 29, 2014Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test
40Jun 30, 2014Pressure Test - Croquembouche
41Jul 01, 2014Immunity Challenge
42Jul 02, 2014Service Challenge: Banquet for 20 Food Producers
43Jul 03, 2014Elimination Challenge: Mexican
44Jul 06, 2014Mystery Box Challenge: Barter
45Jul 07, 2014Pressure Test: Nick Palumbo's Choc-Top Ice Creams
46Jul 08, 2014Immunity Challenge: John Lawson
47Jul 09, 2014Offsite Challenge: Asian
48Jul 10, 2014Elimination Challenge: Dave Verhuel
49Jul 13, 2014Mystery Box: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test
50Jul 14, 2014Pressure Test: Beetroot Risotto
51Jul 15, 2014Offsite Challenge
52Jul 16, 2014Elimination Challenge: Five Senses
53Jul 17, 2014Sudden Death Elimination Challenge
54Jul 20, 2014Mystery Box Challenge
55Jul 21, 2014Invention Test
56Jul 22, 2014Duel Challenge Over Three Rounds
57Jul 23, 2014Service Challenge: Vue de Monde
58Jul 24, 2014Pressure Test
59Jul 27, 2014MasterChef 2014 Semi Final
60Jul 28, 2014MasterChef 2014 Finale
SpecialMay 15, 2014Class of 2014
MasterChef Australia
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MasterChef Australia

The contestants will be led through challenges by host Sarah Wilson which will give chefs from around the country the ultimate once in a lifetime opportunity to develop and broaden their cooking skills.

Show Info

Airs on:

Ten at 7:30 pm AEST


60 min.


Returning Series


4.5/5 (8 ratings)

More Info: | IMDb | TheTVDB


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Grand Final

Local Date:

Mon Jul 24, 2017

Local Time:

5:30 am



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