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Match of The Day Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1MOTD - August 17th 2013
2MOTD - August 24th 2013
3MOTD - August 31st 2013
4MOTD - September 14th 2013
5MOTD - September 21st 2013
6MOTD - September 28th 2013
7MOTD - October 5th 2013
8MOTD - October 19th 2013
9MOTD - October 26th 2013
10MOTD - November 2nd 2013
11MOTD - November 9th 2013
12MOTD - November 23rd 2013
13MOTD - November 30th 2013
14MOTD - December 4th 2013
15MOTD - December 7th 2013
16MOTD - December 14th 2013
17MOTD - December 21st 2013
18MOTD - December 26th 2013
19MOTD - December 28th 2013
20MOTD - January 1st 2014
21MOTD - January 11th 2014
22MOTD - January 18th 2014
23MOTD - January 29th 2014
24MOTD - February 1st 2014
25MOTD - February 8th 2014
26MOTD - February 12th 2014
27MOTD - February 22th 2014
28MOTD - March 1st 2014
29MOTD - March 8th 2014
30MOTD - March 15th 2014
31MOTD - March 22nd 2014
32MOTD - March 29th 2014
33MOTD - April 5th 2014
34MOTD - April 12th 2014
35MOTD - April 19th 2014
36MOTD - April 26th 2014
37MOTD - May 3rd 2014
38MOTD - May 5th 2014
39MOTD - May 7th 2014
40MOTD - May 11th 2014
67MOTD Live - Brazil v Germany
Match of The Day
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Match of The Day

This series provides football (soccer) coverage of premiership highlights, live coverage of FA Cup and international matches. Normally hosted by Gary Lineker with Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson they will provide game analysis and comment on the days matches. Very often there will be guest stars who will take a third chair to provide their insights. Match of the Day has had guest stars such as David Beckham and even Tony Blair. It is generally aired on a Saturday night for the premiership highlights and repeated on Sunday Morning. The BBC normally have priority over International games and have the rights to cast them Live. This is the same with FA Cup matches.

Show Info


Airs on:

BBC One, UK at 10:15 pm GMT


80 min.


Returning Series


0/5 (0 ratings)

More Info: | IMDb | TVMaze

Previous Episode


MOTD - 9th November 2019


Sat Nov 09, 2019



Next Episode

Sorry, no info about the next episode of Match of The Day is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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