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Match of the Day Season 2017 - Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1MOTD: Community Shield Highlights
2MOTD - 13/08/2016
3MOTD - 20th August 2016
4MOTD - 27th August 2016
5MOTD - 10th September 2016
6MOTD - 17th September 2016
7MOTD - 24th September 2016
8MOTD - 1st October 2016
9MOTD - 15th October 2016
10MOTD - 22nd October 2016
11MOTD - 29th October 2016
12MOTD - 5th November 2016
13MOTD - 19th November 2016
14MOTD - 26th November 2016
15MOTD Live: Macclesfield Town v Oxford United
16MOTD - 3rd December 2016
17MOTD: FA Cup Highlights
19MOTD - 10th December 2016
20MOTD - 14th December 2016
21MOTD - 17th December 2016
22MOTD - 26th December 2016
23MOTD - 31st December 2016
24MOTD - 2nd January 2017
25MOTD FA Cup Live - West Ham United v Manchester City
26MOTD: FA Cup Highlights
27MOTD Live: FA Cup 3rd Round: Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa
28MOTD: FA Cup Highlights
29MOTD: FA Cup 4th Round Draw
30MOTD - 14th January 2017
31MOTD Live: FA Cup replay
32Match of the Day: FA Cup Highlights
33MOTD: 21st January 2017
34MotD Live: Derby County v Leicester City
35MotD: FA Cup Highlights
36MotD Live: Millwall v Watford
37MotD Live: Manchester United v.Wigan Athletic
38MotD: FA Cup Highlights
39MOTD: 31st January 2017
40MOTD: 4th February 2017
41MOTD Live: FA Cup Fourth Round Replay
42MOTD: 11th February 2017
43MotD: FA Cup: Fifth Round Highlights
44MotD Live: FA Cup Fifth Round: Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur
45MotD: FA Cup: Fifth Round Highlights
46MotD Live: FA Cup Fifth Round: Sutton United v Arsenal
47MOTD: 25th February 2017
48MOTD Live: FA Cup Fifth Round Replay
49MOTD: 4th March 2017
50MOTD: 11th March 2017
51MotD: FA Cup Highlights
52MotD Live: Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall
53MotD Live: Chelsea v Manchester United
54MOTD: 18th March 2017
55MOTD: 1st April 2017
56MOTD: 5th April 2017
57MOTD: 8th April 2017
58MOTD: 15th April 2017
59MOTD Live: FA Cup Semi-Final: Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur
60MOTD: 22nd April 2017
61MOTD FA Cup Semi-Final Highlights: Arsenal v Manchester City
62MOTD: 29th April 2017
63MOTD: 6th May 2017
64MOTD: 8th May 2017
65MOTD: 13th May 2017
66MOTD: 15th May 2017
68The Road to Wembley
69The FA Cup Show
70FA Cup Final Build-up
71MotD Live: FA Cup Final
72FA Cup Final Highlights