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Psychiatrist Jack Gallagher handles his mental health patients at a Los Angeles hospital with unorthodox treatments. He is overseen by Nora, the department administrator who is also his ex-lover. This FOX project is the first U.S. English-language drama to be shot in Columbia.

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60 min.
4/5 (1 rating)
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Key Features and Themes

mental healthpsychiatrist protagonistunconventional methodshospital settinglos angelesex-lover dynamicdepartment administrationfilmed in columbiafox drama2000s series


as Dr. Jack Gallagher
as Veronica Hayden-Jones
as Nora Skoff
as Dr. Arturo Suarez
as Dr. Chloe Artis
as Dr. Carl Belle
as Malcolm Darius Washington


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Latest comments

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by posted
Orlando said:

by posted
by posted
Orlando said:
Up for the question ^ and to say that the boy living in a video game was a nice touch (E04) :)

by posted
Up for the question ^ and to say that the boy living in a video game was a nice touch (E04) :)
by posted
I liked the second episode. I'll watch it ;)
And does someone know what was the song in the ending?
by posted
I just wait for True Blood and Burn Notice... I really like TB (I know you aren't impressed with it paisley1) and BN just gives me enough entertainment to keep watching. Something in BN keeps reminding me of some good old classic tv shows like Remington Steele...
by posted
I quite liked it. But then again - there's almost nothing on now, so my standards may be low. Will definitely be a good show for the hiatus.
by posted
Yeah, I visit n-e quite often however I don't write too much because I'm so shy :P
and there isn't anything interesting on TV anyway...

Poland is OK I guess, I just came here last week for my long awaited holiday. As soon as I arrived the weather got worse and I'm kinda depressed because I'm going to Zakopane (in Polish mountains) on Wednesday and I was hoping for better weather. Ironically, I heard that the weather in London improved, my fraking luck!

Back to the subject:
There was nothing in Mental that would keep me watching, there was no spark and no chemistry between anyone even though the main character is quite good (bit too idealistic for my taste, lacks credibility). I'm not going to watch it but if the show improves I might pick it up again.

Orlando said:
O, Polak na forum? Jak miło :)

Jest nas tu chyba kilku :)
by posted
O, Polak na forum? Jak miło :D
by posted
After watching the first episode it is difficult to say but I think this show is not for me, sorry.