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Merlin is a 13-part drama series that retells the story of the infamous sorcerer. It follows young Merlin's dangerous journey as he encounters legendary and fantastical characters.

The series is set in the mythical City of Camelot, where Merlin faces many challenges. With a new spin on the classic tale, this show is a must-watch for fans of the fantasy genre.

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45 min.




4.27/5 (52 ratings)

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as Merlin
as Arthur
as Guinevere "Gwen"
as The Great Dragon
as Morgana
as King Uther Pendragon
as Agravaine


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Latest comments

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by posted
Just caught up on the last series of Merlin. All and all, this show is quite bad. Writing is alright, but acting and directing is, for the most part, terrible.
That being said, the ending did take me by surprise. I did not expect them to do that, which made me like that show a little bit more :)
by posted
Say what? Series finale? What the heck, must have totally overlooked that one.

I'm still a couple of episodes behind but still enjoy watching it. And i thiought that atleast in the final season they would let Merlin be himself and fight with Arthur side by side.

After Legend of the seeker gone and now Merlin, i have a lack of Fantasy shows on TV :(
by posted
Series finale aired. I skipped most of the last season and a half but the ending was fine I thought. Most people who were more invested in the show seems to hate it though
by posted
HomerS said:
Godzi never liked it.

well i dumped it 2 seasons ago. i was only amazed that people still watch it.
by posted
I watch it too, Godzi never liked it, so i would take his comments about Merlin with a grain of salt ;)

But i agree i would also change some things, most of all that people finally find out about the real Merlin and go on from there.
by posted
Why do you keep watching Revolution? I watch it because I do and I'm annoyed for almost the whole show, but much like Haven it's hard to look away from a train wreck. Also I see so much potential in the show if they just went in the direction of people knowing Merlin's got magic. Them not knowing was cute for a few episodes, a full season tops. Five seasons is overkill on a God of War type level.

Also Morgana
by posted
Rwings said:
Arthur is still a dipshit...for a king he's retarded

why do you keep watching it then?
by posted
So the show's back and really five seasons and Arthur is still a dipshit...for a king he's retarded
by posted
Rwings said:
Doctor Who is a family show with good writing so it can be done just not done a lot

Quite some similiarities, loads of potential there too. Although they wedge in a kiddy episode in there now and then. But merlin just didnt innovate or captivate atleast not me, it became so dull and repetitive after s2. Ah well anyhow we'll see how it goes maybe best for last.
by posted
Doctor Who is a family show with good writing so it can be done just not done a lot