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Monster High (2022) Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Food Fight
2Unfinished Brain-ness
3The Monstering
4Case of the Moondays
5Portrait of a Monster
6Witch Hitch
7Part of the Pack
8That Thing You Deuce
9Werewolf Weekend
10Paw-zzle Pieces
11Nightmare Nightmore
12Out of Step!
13Pyramid Scheme
14What's Up, Watzie?
15So Familiar
17Over Bro-tective
19Flaunt Your Skeleton
20Creepover Party
21Creature Clash
22Monster Movie
24Spell The Beans
25Growing Ghoulia
26Casketball Jinx
27Cleo in the Kitchen
28The Case of the Missing Squeak
29Pet Problems
30License to Rock
31Power Heist
32Monster Midterms
34Boogey Nightmare
35Best Fiends
36Scareer Day
37Stone Alone
38Horsin' Around
39Moonlit Fieldtrip
40A Little Boost
41Fresh Waters Run Deep
42Sew Fierce
43Witchful Thinking
44Monster Match
45The Monster Way