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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cast

as Moon Girl / Lunella
as Devil Dinosaur
as Casey
as James Jr.
as The Beyonder
as Eduardo
as Brooklyn
as Ahmed
as Principal Nelson
as Coach Hrbek
as Clueless Girl
as Agent Hill
as Marvin/Kid Kree
as Cecilia
as Fawzia
as Isaac
as Morlak
as Molecule Man
as Bubbe Bina
as Aftershock
as Angelo
as Rat King
as Gravitas
as Instantanegirl
as Man Baby
as Torg
as Stiletto
as Flying Fox
as President Council Peña
as Mrs. Muzzler
as Mr. Muzzler
as Odessa
as Antonio
as Rabbi Ryda
as Laura
as Laurel
as Teen Fan
as Matsuye
as Lady Bullseye
as Quickwhip
as Pad-Var
as Bobby the Myth
as Dr. Ojo
as Pebble
as Redwing
as Aragorn
as Tooth Gnasher
as Franklin
as Kat Swan
as Alfretta
as Dr. Stern
as Vernell
as Blue Streak / Brian Glory
as General Hyles
as Silvermane
as Turbo
as Erma