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Mushibugyou Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei!!!
2My rival is female ninja Hibachi!
3The Killer of 99, Koikawa Shungiku
4Ichinotani Tenma, I Can Do It!
5Mugai, What Solitary Eyes See
6The Hot Guy Beneath the Mask, Nagatomimaru
7Summer War in Edo!!
8Mitsuki`s Honey Trap
9The Insect Hunters Attack!! Battle of Hachijo Island!!
10Kuroageha Arrives
11Jinbei`s Power Awakens!!
12Training With Father! The Thirty-six Blades of Fuji!!
13We'll Show You Everything!! The Edo Women's Baths!!
14Insect! Man! A Mysterious Enemy Attacks!
15To Kishuu! The Ten Crucifix Insects of Sanada Appear!
16The Cool Guy in Glasses Lectures on Right and Wrong
17Sanada Yukimura's Trap! Caught in a Net!!
18Time's Up! The Insect Magistrate's Office Arrives!
19He Shed His Skin! The Insect-men's True Form!!
20Dream of the Butterfly
21The Compassion Slash That Cuts G!!
22Who Is Righteous! Tenma and Justice!
23My Life's Greatest Task
24The Insect Magistrate's Cursed Past
25The Promise Is Hope Within Despair
26Tsukishima Jinbei Is Here!!!
SpecialTrue Warrior - OVA
SpecialHibachi in Love - OVA
SpecialMushibugyou Academy - OVA