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My Kitchen Rules Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Group One: NSW
2Group One: WA
3Group One: SA
4Group One: NZ
5Group One: QLD
6Group One: VIC
7Group Two: NSW
8Group Two: WA
9Group Two: SA
10Group Two: TAS
11Group Two: QLD
12Group Two: VIC
13Elimination Kitchen: Thomas & Carla (VIC, Group 1)
14Elimination Kitchen: Simon & Meg (NZ, Group 1)
15Elimination Kitchen: Megan and Andy (TAS, Group 2)
16Elimination Kitchen: Emma & Andrew (WA, Group 2)
17Elimination Kitchen: David & Scott (QLD, Group 1)
18Elimination Kitchen: Peter & Gary (QLD, Group 2)
19Offsite Challenge: Bed & Breakfast
20Challenge at MKR Headquarters: First Challenge
21Sudden Death Cook-Off
22Offsite Challenge: Pop-Up Food Stall
23Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Trust & Representation
24Sudden Death Cook-off
25Offsite Challenge: Ingham Harvest Festival
26Offsite Challenge: Roadside stalls & Local markets
27Sudden Death Cook-Off
28Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Seafood Banquet
29Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Childhood Dislikes
30Sudden Death Cook-Off
31Elimination Week: Elimination One
32Elimination Week: Elimination Two
33Elimination Week: Elimination Three
34Semi-Final Placement
35Semi-Finals: Round One
36Semi-Finals: Round Two
37Grand Final