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My Kitchen Rules Season 6 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Jac & Shaz (QLD)
2Kat & Andre (WA)
3Robert & Lynzey (NSW)
4Ash & Camilla (VIC)
5Annie & Lloyd (SA)
6Gina & Anna (ACT)
7Sheri & Emilie (QLD, Group 2)
8Eva & Debra (WA, Group 2)
9Carol & Adam (NSW, Group 2)
10Matt & Rob (VIC, Group 2)
11Rose & Josh (VIC, Group 2)
12Vicky & Celine (SA, Group 2)
13Secret Round: Drasko & Bianca (WA, Group 3)
14Secret Round: Rob & Dave (QLD, Group 3)
15Secret Round: Lynn & Tony (QLD, Group 3)
16Secret Round: Jane & Emma (VIC, Group 3)
17Secret Round: Will & Steve (NSW, Group 3)
18Secret Round: Katie & Nikki (NSW, Group 3)
19Redemption Round: Annie & Lloyd (SA, Group 1)
20Redemption Round: Sheri & Emilie (QLD, Group 2)
21Redemption Round: Jane & Emma (VIC, Group 3)
22Redemption Round: Kat & Andre (WA, Group 1)
23Redemption Round: Eva & Debra (WA, Group 2)
24Redemption Round: Katie & Nikki (NSW, Group 3)
25Offsite Challenge: Campfire Challenge
26Sudden Death Cook-Off
27Offsite Challenge: Farmer's Choice
28Sudden Death Cook-Off
29Offsite Challenge: Pub Crawl
30Sudden Death Cook-Off
31Offsite Challenge: Wedding Reception
32Sudden Death Cook-Off
33Offsite Challenge: Garden Celebration
34Sudden Death Cook-Off
35Offsite Challenge: Luna Park
36Sudden Death Cook-Off
37Offsite Challenge: Airline Food
38Sudden Death Cook-Off
39Knockout Round
40Knockout Round 2
41Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Drasko & Bianca (WA)
42Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Eva & Debra (WA)
43Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Will & Steve (NSW)
44Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Jac & Shaz (QLD)
45Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Ash & Camilla (VIC)
46Semi Finals: Round 1
47Semi Finals: Round 2
48Grand Final