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My Kitchen Rules Season 7 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Monique and Sarah (NSW)
2Mitch and Laura (VIC)
3Cheryl and Matt (QLD)
4Rosie and Paige (SA)
5Anna and Jordan (WA)
6Gianni and Zana (VIC)
7Alex and Gareth (QLD Group 2)
8Luciano & Martino (NSW Group 2)
9Tasia & Gracia (VIC Group 2)
10JP & Nelly (QLD Group 2)
11Nev and Kell (WA Group 2)
12Jessica and Marcos (VIC Group 2)
13Eve & Jason (VIC Group 3)
14Carmine & Lauren (SA Group 3)
15Mike & Tarq (QLD Group 3)
16Hazel & Lisa (QLD Group 3)
17Chris & Cookie (NSW Group 3)
18Tim & Dee (NSW Group 3)
19Redemption Round: Nev and Kell (WA Group 2)
20Redemption Round: Monique and Sarah (NSW Group 1)
21Redemption Round: Hazel & Lisa (QLD Group 3)
22Redemption Round: Alex and Gareth (QLD Group 2)
23Redemption Round: Rosie and Paige (SA Group 1)
24Redemption Round: Carmine & Lauren (SA Group 3)
25Offsite Challenge: North Ryde RSL
26Sudden Death Cook-Off
27Offsite Challenge: Olympic Challenge
28Sudden Death Cook-Off
29Offsite Challenge: Cockatoo Island Challenge
30Sudden Death Cook-Off
31Offsite Challenge: Ultimate Movie Meal
32Sudden Death Cook-Off
33Offsite Challenge: Australian Rodeo
34MKR Alumni Cook-Off
35Sudden Death Cook-Off
36Offsite Challenge: Coles Family Meal
37Sudden Death Cook-Off
38Offsite Challenge: 4Fourteen Challenge
39Sudden Death Cook-Off
40Knockout Round
41Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Tasia & Gracia (VIC)
42Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Mitch and Laura (VIC)
43Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Carmine & Lauren (SA)
44Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Anna and Jordan (WA)
45Finals Instant Restaurant Round: Gianni and Zana (VIC)
46Semi-Final (1)
47Semi-Final (2)
48Grand Final