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NBC Nightly News Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Jul 20, 20137/20/2013
2Jul 21, 20137/21/2013
3Jul 22, 20137/22/2013
4Jul 23, 20137/23/2013
5Jul 24, 20137/24/2013
6Jul 25, 20137/25/2013
7Jul 26, 2013July 26th
8Jul 27, 2013July 27th
9Jul 28, 2013July 28th
10Jul 29, 2013July 29th
11Jul 30, 2013July 30th
12Jul 31, 2013July 31st
13Aug 01, 2013August 1st
14Aug 02, 2013August 2nd
15Aug 03, 2013August 3rd
16Aug 04, 2013August 4th
17Aug 05, 2013August 5th
18Aug 06, 2013August 6th
19Aug 07, 2013August 7th
20Aug 08, 2013August 8th
21Aug 09, 2013August 9th
22Aug 10, 2013August 10th
23Aug 11, 2013August 11th
24Aug 12, 2013August 12th
25Aug 13, 2013August 13th
26Aug 14, 2013August 14th
27Aug 15, 2013August 15th
28Aug 16, 2013August 16th
29Aug 17, 2013August 17th
30Aug 18, 2013August 18th
31Aug 19, 2013August 19th
32Aug 20, 2013August 20th
33Aug 21, 2013August 21st
34Aug 22, 2013August 22nd
35Aug 23, 2013August 23rd
36Aug 24, 2013August 24th
37Aug 25, 2013August 25th
38Aug 26, 2013August 26th
39Aug 27, 2013August 27th
40Aug 28, 2013August 28th
41Aug 29, 2013August 29th
42Aug 30, 2013August 30th
43Aug 31, 2013August 31th
44Sep 01, 2013September 1st
45Sep 02, 2013September 2nd
46Sep 03, 2013September 3rd
47Sep 04, 2013September 4th
48Sep 05, 2013September 5th
49Sep 06, 2013September 6th
50Sep 07, 2013September 7th
51Sep 08, 2013September 8th
52Sep 09, 2013September 9th
53Sep 10, 2013September 10th
54Sep 11, 2013September 11th
55Sep 12, 2013September 12th
56Sep 13, 2013September 13th
57Sep 14, 2013September 14th
58Sep 15, 2013September 15th
59Sep 16, 2013September 16th
60Sep 17, 2013September 17th
61Sep 18, 2013September 18th
62Sep 19, 2013September 19th
63Sep 20, 2013September 20th
64Sep 23, 2013September 23rd
65Sep 24, 2013September 24th
66Sep 25, 2013September 25th
67Sep 26, 2013September 26th
68Sep 27, 2013September 27th
69Sep 28, 2013September 28th
70Sep 29, 2013September 29th
71Sep 30, 2013September 30th
72Oct 01, 2013October 1st
73Oct 02, 2013October 2nd
74Oct 03, 2013October 3rd
75Oct 04, 2013October 4th
76Oct 05, 2013October 5th
77Oct 06, 2013October 6th
78Oct 07, 2013October 7th
79Oct 08, 2013October 8th
80Oct 09, 2013October 9th
81Oct 10, 2013October 10th
82Oct 11, 2013October 11th
83Oct 12, 2013October 12th
84Oct 13, 2013October 13th
85Oct 14, 2013October 14th
86Oct 15, 2013October 15th
87Oct 16, 2013October 16th
88Oct 17, 2013October 17th
89Oct 18, 2013October 18th
90Oct 19, 2013October 19th
91Oct 20, 2013October 20th
92Oct 21, 2013October 21th
93Oct 22, 2013October 22th
94Oct 23, 2013October 23th
95Oct 24, 2013October 24th
96Oct 25, 2013October 25th
97Oct 26, 2013October 26th
98Oct 27, 2013October 27th
99Oct 28, 2013October 28th
100Oct 29, 2013October 29th
101Oct 30, 2013October 30th
102Oct 31, 2013October 31th
103Nov 01, 2013November 1st
104Nov 02, 2013November 2nd
105Nov 03, 2013November 3rd
106Nov 04, 2013November 4th
107Nov 05, 2013November 5th
108Nov 06, 2013November 6th
109Nov 07, 2013November 7th
110Nov 08, 2013November 8th
111Nov 09, 2013November 9th
112Nov 10, 2013November 10th
113Nov 11, 2013November 11th
114Nov 12, 2013November 12th
115Nov 13, 2013November 13th
116Nov 14, 2013November 14th
117Nov 15, 2013November 15th
118Nov 16, 2013November 16th
119Nov 17, 2013November 17th
120Nov 18, 2013November 18th
121Nov 19, 2013November 19th
122Nov 20, 2013November 20th
123Nov 21, 2013November 21st
124Nov 22, 2013November 22nd
125Nov 23, 2013November 23rd
126Nov 24, 2013November 24th
127Nov 25, 2013November 25th
128Nov 26, 2013November 26th
129Nov 27, 2013November 27th
130Nov 28, 2013November 28th
131Nov 29, 2013November 29th
132Nov 30, 2013November 30th
133Dec 01, 2013December 1st
134Dec 02, 2013December 2nd
135Dec 03, 2013December 3rd
136Dec 04, 2013December 4th
137Dec 05, 2013December 5th
138Dec 06, 2013December 6th
139Dec 07, 2013December 7th
140Dec 08, 2013December 8th
141Dec 09, 2013December 9th
142Dec 10, 2013December 10th
143Dec 11, 2013December 11th
144Dec 12, 2013December 12th
145Dec 13, 2013December 13th
146Dec 14, 2013December 14th
147Dec 15, 2013December 15th
148Dec 16, 2013December 16th
149Dec 17, 2013December 17th
150Dec 18, 2013December 18th
151Dec 19, 2013December 19th
152Dec 20, 2013December 20th
153Dec 21, 2013December 21st
154Dec 22, 2013December 22nd
155Dec 23, 2013December 23rd
156Dec 24, 2013December 24th
157Dec 25, 2013December 25th
158Dec 26, 2013December 26th
159Dec 27, 2013December 27th
160Dec 28, 2013December 28th
161Dec 29, 2013December 29th
162Dec 30, 2013December 30th
163Dec 31, 2013December 31st
NBC Nightly News
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NBC Nightly News

This is the flagship daily evening television news program for NBC News, the news division of the NBC television network in the United States. First aired on August 3, 1970, the program is currently the most watched network newscast in the United States, with an average of 9.3 million viewers, just a few thousand more than its nearest rival, ABC's World News Tonight. NBC Nightly News is produced from Studio 3B at NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.Since 2015, the broadcast is anchored by Lester Holt on weeknights, Jose Diaz-Balart on Saturday and Kate Snow on Sunday. Previous weekday anchors have included David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Tom Brokaw, and most recently Brian Williams. The program is broadcast live over most NBC stations from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time seven days a week; a special "Western Edition" of the program occasionally features updated information on news stories covered during the original telecast for Pacific Time Zone viewers. Its current theme music, "The Mission" (which debuted in 1985) was composed by John Williams.

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NBC at 6:30 pm


30 min.




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Mon Aug 21, 2017



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